City Changers Movement

South Africa

We equip local leaders to change their world.

The Global City Changers Movement is an extension of the Doxa Deo dream. We mobilize the church based Christian community in different spheres of society for the transformation of cities globally.

We all know how many church leaders struggle to convince their church members, that they must be more relevant in their communities. The City Changers Movement empowers churches to be a transformational agent within their communities.

We all need to be connected to deal with a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Lifework Leadership connects us in a journey with like-minded influential leaders out of stuckness into meaningful engagement.

Lifework has facilitated thousands of influencers in six nations on this 9-month journey to significance.


Learning Communities for Church Leaders

As pastors we all dream about a church that is flourishing, relevant and impacts the community.

We find ourselves in a modern-day society that marginalizes the church and embolden consumerism.

This need not be our story. You are invited to join a 9-month learning community where you will be quipped to change this narrative.


The City Changers Movement South Africa team

Nico Nell

Nico Nell is the leader of the City Changers Movement in South Africa. Several denominations and churches are impacted with the team that Nico gives leadership to.