The Global City Changers Movement is an extension of the Doxa Deo dream. We mobilize the church based Christian community in different spheres of society for the transformation of cities globally.

The CCM in all its expressions will focus on three primary themes:

  • The accomplished work of Christ
  • Developing leadership for mobilizing City Changers
  • The transformation of the cities through engaging the spheres of society

City Changers Movement Activities


Stimulating thought processes regarding the centrality of the gospel, the raising and releasing of leaders as well as impacting communities.


Developing a relational network of likeminded thought leaders via dialogue forums


Empowering local church and organizational leaders with coaching – covering aspects of intentionality, measurement and alignment.


Gathering leaders in City Changers Conferences for imparting God’s word with a focus on redemption, reconciliation and restoration.


Resourcing and connecting partners across the globe via an online subscription service.