City Changers Movement

Church Leaders Learning Community

Learning Communities for Missional Churches

Covid-19 has had severe implications for the church as we know it, and is forcing us to redefine how we do church. The City Changers Movement commits to journey with local pastors in aligning their churches to the mission of Jesus for this time.

Pastors and leaders with a vision to take Love, Faith and Hope to their cities will benefit significantly from being part of a group of peers in a learning community.

Why Learning Communities?

This carefully designed nine month journey will capacitate the missional intentionality of your church and embolden you to lead it well. In joining the learning community, you will be part of a peer group of 5–8 leaders who are on the same quest.

Together you will share relationship, process questions and explore best practice.


This Journey Will Empower You!

We will spend time on building core competencies in the three key areas:

Spiritual fortitude
Strategic Insight
Servant Leadership

Learning Communities with Results-Based Conversations

How Will The Learning Community Work?

The program will focus on proven content for inspiration, empowerment and knowledge. This will be repeated in eight cycles as preparation for Results-Based Conversations (RBC). Here we will harvest the input of peers to broaden understanding of content, and assist you in creating next steps for your own church.

These RBC sessions will progressively build on each other, creating a managed momentum and facilitate incremental ‘waves of change’ for the missional alignment of your church.

Eight Cycles

Three offline videos will be available for you to watch, at your convenience, in each of the eight cycles. Alan Platt and other seasoned leaders (globally and locally) will contribute to your knowledge on each of these topics. The videos will be made available on a YouTube channel for you to access.

A recommended book to read, connected to the content of each cycle, will further serve the themes that we cover.

How a Results-Based Session Works

The Learning Community will be a nine month journey. We will launch with a video conference meeting where all participants of the various European nations will get together for the orientation to the program. The launch event will be followed by eight sessions of Results-Based Conversations, which will happen on a national basis.

There will be a halfway convening of the total European Learning Community to share progress and learnings, and of course, to build friendships. The program will be brought to an end with a graduation celebration of all European participants.

Next Steps...

Please contact the leader in your country for
dates, costs and more information.

The following Learning Communities are available

Australia – Karel Botha
[email protected]

France – Claude Greder
[email protected]

Germany – Bastian Hagenlocher

Latvia – Kaspars Sterns
[email protected]

Netherlands – Piet Brinksma
[email protected]

New Zealand – Jaques van Wyk
[email protected]

Norway – Oivind Augland

Romania – Laviniu Gabor
[email protected]

Russia – Freddie Steenkamp
[email protected]

South Africa – Nico Nell
[email protected]

Spain – Ron Anderson

Ukraine – Yaroslav Pyzh
[email protected]

United Kingdom – Ioannis Dekas
[email protected]

USA – Anton Venter
[email protected]

Zambia – Kenneth Mwale
[email protected]