City Changers Movement

United Kingdom

We believe God wants cities and communities to prosper!


Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.


The City Changers Movement exist to equip and mobilise Christian Church and societal leaders to discover how they can bring renewal to their cities and communities. We do this through the through:

  • CONNECTING (like-minded role players relating in a global network)


  • CONVENING (leaders are convened in online and in person gatherings)


  • COACHING (leaders are coached in transformative journeys)


  • CAPACITATING (creating resources that empower transformation)


We believe that leaders in different spheres of society can together discover how to make FAITH (spiritual renewal), LOVE (social renewal) and HOPE (cultural renewal) visible to cities and communities across the United Kingdom.


Lifework Leadership is designed to empower leaders in all spheres of society, to flourish in their workplace. We offer equipping programs to help you live with faith, love and hope as a City Changer. You can find out more on our latest equipping process called Lifework Glocal – think global, lead local. This equipping journey starts on the 30th September 2021.

You can explore more on how Lifework can equip you here.

Learning Communities for Church Leaders

As leaders we all dream about a church that is flourishing and impacts our communities.

The question is: how does one build a church that is relevant in a society that marginalises the church, and emboldens consumerism?

We have to recognise this need not be our story. You are invited to join a 9-month learning community where you will be equipped to impact and change this narrative. In this learning community you will learn how to raise missional individuals, in missional communities that give expression to the Kingdom of God in missional eco-systems.

The City Changers Movement United Kingdom team

Ioannis and Cheray Dekas

Ioannis and his wife, Cheray, lead the Doxa Deo ministry in London, and the City Changers Movement in the United Kingdom. They have been part of the Doxa Deo family for twenty-four years. They live in London with their four boys.

Alan and Leana Platt

Alan and Leana are the founders of the Doxa Deo Family and The City Changers Movement.